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Contrary to tabloid reports, Threadgill is not a cult religion bent on world domination, but is, in fact, a studio of Cartoonism, the philosophical movement which has inspired countless generations of art lovers since last Thursday.  These dangerously whimsical images spring from the Herculean drawing arm of Ashley Holt, a fifteen-year veteran in the freelance illustration trenches.  Manning the helm of the Threadgill Studio, Holt manufactures a hearty blend of cunning aptitude and unmitigated gall that never fails to satisfy.


Be assured that the artistic services of Threadgill are not the sole privilege of the aristocratic contingency with which they are mostly associated.  Though crafted at the expense of Ashley's personal mental health (savagely torn from the inner anguish of all true artisans), Threadgill Artworks are affordable to even the most minimal of minimum-wagers.  The personal cost to Ashley is often beyond traditional human suffering, but Threadgill remains committed to the unabashedly American ideal of a damn good bargain.


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Any side effects caused by the Threadgill Art Service, including rapid pulse, dilated karma or Invisible Roosevelt Syndrome, are usually temporary and only of mild irritation to your neighbors.  Threadgill cannot be held liable, however, for psychological addiction to the product in question or any unexplained increase in your metaphysical wisdom.   Threadgill artworks are sodium-free, dolphin-safe and never tested on Andersons.


What do you have to lose with


Perhaps you'll lose that parasitic self-doubt that's been crippling your dreams since childhood.   Perhaps you'll lose a few friends, but you'll surely discover how immature they always were in time.  Perhaps you'll lose those suspicious warts, though Threadgill makes no guarantees.  But what you'll gain is the comforting knowledge that somewhere out there a great artists hungers for creative fulfillment, but thanks to your patronage, not for ham.


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