Thrdgll Comics

Threadgill isn't just about filling the world with a  new, positive, artistic vision.  It's also steeped in the fine tradition of complaining about everything.  And what better way to bitch than the antique graphics format known as "comics"?  Click the titles for a gander into Ashley's dark side.



Chad Stanley, Disney Lawyer

Some Hip Shoes to Phil

Redneck Expert


Clueless Teen

Steroetypes That Never Caught On

Welcome to Beautiful South Carolina

No War!

My Dictatorship

Buzz Aldrin's Conspiracy Smackdown




Hot New Trend

The Shadow

You've Tried Powders...

Americorp Honors the Dead

Get Ready to Groan

Oh, Those Nutty Klansmen

Time Out

Market Research

The News

Updating the Classics