Thrdgll Sketchbook

My contribution to the Moving Sculpture Exhibition (a Spartanburg County Museum of Art show featuring motorcycle-themed works) is this action-packed portrait of legendary masochist, Evel Knievel.  Those of you too young to remember the lunacy of this celebrity stuntman and merchandising phenomenon missed out on a childhood of various fractures and lacerations by way of the neighborhood bicycle stunts he influenced.  Forget N.W.A., forget Marilyn Manson.  Knievel's widely-publicized motorcycle jumps (sometimes the exclusive feature on ABC's Wide World of Sports) were quite simply the worst influence on America's children to date.  I should know.  I helped build the ramps that sent my boyhood chums straight to the emergency room.



Portrait of my great-grandfather, John Easler, who lived to the age of 98 on a diet of chicken and chewing tobacco.


My contribution to a copyright-themed group show at the Black Lab Gallery in Seattle.  With enough corporate advertising influencing our public schools, here's what I imagine the history textbooks might present in the near future:



Courtesy of the fine folks at the Art-O-Mat collective, here's a photo of one of their many art-dispensing machines sporting artwork by yours truly.  Click on the image to see a larger view.  For more information on the Art-O-Mat plan of world domination, check out


The Threadgill Sketchbook page is frequently updated.   It features cartoons, sketches or things found in the attic.  Check back with us soon.