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The THREADGILL LIBRARY offers a pacifyingly concise range of cartoon iconography guaranteed to expand the mind while wasting precious little time.  Click on the covers for a private screening of each book's illuminating innards.


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When examining the unconscious mind uncovers such images as Smokey the Bear on fire and "Bucket Head Tiger Boy", what better way to document these subliminal stirrings than the traditional comic strip?  Bedbugs, the Dream Diary of Ashley Holt, is a 36-page collection of the legendary strip which appeared weekly in Savannah's "Edge" newspaper (as well as numerous, long-forgotten comic books) with an introduction coaxed from an unsuspecting Jim Woodring.  When pondering the effects of watching too much television, simply consider the parade of celebrity guest stars in Bedbugs.  Eight dollars.

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Mr. Product

Can't get enough of the American consumer treadmill?  Neck-deep in a sea of mindless, pop culture advertising?  Then Mr. Product, the most recognized name in consumable collectibles, is strategically aimed at your demographic.  This 32-page book collects the notorious comic strip from Charleston's weekly paper, The Current, in all its satirical glory.   Follow the angst of Gordon, the literate hi-brow, who seeks refuge from the merciless plague of Mr. Product brand hats, keychains, feature films, antacid tablets and jock straps.  This scathing indictment of unbridled capitalism is, ironically enough, the most "commercial" offering in the Threadgill Library.  Eight dollars.

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The Public Domain Catalogue

Finally!   Something for all those who long to use professional cartoon characters in an unlicensed, get-rich-quick, bootleg scam without incurring the wrath of the Disney lawyers.  The Public Domain Catalogue is a collection of twenty original, high-quality characters available for your use completely free of copyright.  Why burn your own creative fuel "inventing" new character concepts when Threadgill has done the work for you?  Start crafting your own "Incredimoose" t-shirts and "Wax Tadpole" comic books today!  Six Dollars.



Kiddie Emcee

This collection of drawings commemorates the bygone era of the local kid's shows, those cheaply-produced, home-made afternoon tv broadcasts featuring the station's weatherman in a clown or pirate suit introducing Popeye cartoons.  What billion-dollar Spielberg film can overpower our memories of Captain Zoomar and Saturna?  Or Grandpa Happy?  Or whomever your low-rent local hero might've been?  These ten full-color images have been lovingly bound in a small, 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" hand-made hardback book, crafted with no shortage of paper cuts by Ashley himself.  Fifteen dollars.

Grampy's Lump

The literary "false starts" of Troy England Evitt ("Ev" to his parole officer) have finally been collected in this handsome 32-page booklet, illustrated and lovingly handcrafted by Thrdgll's own Ashley Holt.  A mere $7 will fetch you this puzzling, yet enlightening anthology of short fiction, written by Ev while on holiday in various shelters and prisons.  Click the cover for a sample story.


Our Bullets Are Useless

An online publication devoted to the classic giant monster comic books of the Atlas/ Marvel era.  Features contributions from many of today's most fabulous and fashionable artists who are more than happy to be slumming here for the privilege of illustrating big, hulking creatures smashing the city (truly the grandest of all artistic genres).

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