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The Atlas Monster Project

In the late 50's and early 60's, Marvel Comics (then known as Atlas)  produced a series of horror and science fiction titles invariably featuring giant monster bent on destroying the human race.  Whether alien invaders, dreams come to life or science gone awry, these creatures knew only hostility and vengeance, smashing anything in their path, impervious to conventional weaponry, until the little boy or nutty old man that nobody listened to figured out that the monster was allergic to a certain air freshener or some such.

These stories, appearing in such titles as Journey into Mystery and Tales to Astonish and usually drawn by Jack Kirby or Steve Ditko, have inspired at least a dozen artists...and they're all here!  In 1999, I asked my fellow cartoonists to contribute to Our Bullets are Useless, a tribute book to the Atlas monsters, and herein are the results: fifteen unique renderings of gargantuan beasts terrorizing mankind.

HEY YOU ARTISTIC TYPES! The Atlas Monster Project is ongoing!  Send your drawing of a classic Atlas monster for inclusion on this site.  Contact Ashley at thrdgll@hotmail.com to contribute or ask questions.   I'll even send you reference.  You have no excuses. 

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