The Monsters


COLOSSUS by Anthony Hightower

COLOSSUS by Ted Seko

ROMMBU by Bob Kathman

RORGG by James Garlett

ORORGO by Brian Hodges

GOOM by Stephen Blickenstaff

MARTIANS by Rodney Seabrook

      CREATURE from the BLACK BOG by Ash

THINGS from NOWHERE by John Q. Adams

GARGOYLE by Roy Flinchum

GOMDULLA by Patty Leidy

GOOM by Matt Kirscht

The GREEN THING by Michael Bonfiglio

OROGO by James Lyle

THORG vs. SPORR by Michael Arnold

CREAMY GOODNESS by Michael Arnold

KROGARR by Al Bigley

TIM BOO BA by Scott Stewart

VANDOOM by Robert Hack

KIRBY MONSTERS by Vincent Rodriguez