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MARCH 24, 2003

Slowly, ever slowly, the site is being rebuilt.  Look for the Communique page to be updated very soon, complete with links to other great time-wasters in cyberspace.  Hell, one of these days, I may even have new artwork on this thing....


OCTOBER 18, 2002

The Illegal Art show, sponsored by Stay Free! now has its official site at  Look for me and many other wiseass malcontents bent on humiliating corporate America's copyright stranglehold through story and song. Get this, aging hipsters: the New York show is at CBGB's!  I'm an honorary Ramone!  But while you're here in the loving arms of Thrdgll, check out the Sketchbook page for a new story from Ev, as illustrated by me, of course.  Viewer discretion is advised for all lace-wearing pansies and prudish elderly.

SEPTEMBER 15, 2002

In the "never say never" department, I've decided to give the Threadgill comic strip another go despite my duly-noted aversion to working with panels and word balloons (the ugliest elements ever to grace visual art).  To further paint myself into this corner, I've dedicated a page on this site to the strip, which I will attempt to update each week (insert cynical laughter here).  This strip page replaces what would've been the Audio page, which still exists only in some forgotten realm of my good intentions.  Those of you eagerly awaiting online access to my music (cynical laughter) will have to wait just a bit longer.  In the meantime, enjoy the strip.

AUGUST 23, 2002

A lack of updates this severe could either mean that I've been extraordinarily busy doing very important things or ignoring my website completely while lying around watching porn.  In either case, you deserve my apologies.  How you must have wandered hopelessly without the Threadgill Communique to guide you through your troubled life.  But never fear.   The whole website is getting a massive tweaking very soon, providing you with even more gigantic entertainment.  Don't mention it.  In the meantime, check out the sketchbook page for the latest installment from "Grampy's Lump", the short story collection written by heavy metal musician and nature's mistake, Ev.

JUNE 30, 2002

The fine folks at Stay Free! magazine are sponsoring a gallery show in New York entitled "Illegal Art", featuring "misappropriations" of corporate trademarks and other heavily-copyrighted material.  My own contribution will be a display of large clip-art sheets (along with a handy pair of scissors) sporting a ready-to-clip image of Notmickey, a familiar, yet lawsuit-resistant cartoon character, who is, in fact, not Mickey.  Stay tuned here for details or visit

The sad results of spider bites

Here's one corporate icon you definately DON'T want signing autographs for your kids.  Thanks (I think) to Bert Bigley for forwarding this.

JUNE 29, 2002

An all-new addition to the THRDGLL WBSTE is really a sub-site in and of itself.  Sounds important, doesn't it?  Start at the Library page and scroll down to the ZZZT! link.  If you enjoy giant monsters, outer space gladiators in capes or just squinting at brightly-colored "monitor art", you can't go wrong.

JUNE 13, 2002


A brand spankin' new caricature of four-track recording guru, Charlie McAlister, has been posted on the Sketchbook page.  Ogle it, won't you?


JUNE 11, 2002


Here's a little item in today's email.  It HAS to be a gag, of course, but I enjoy it more by thinking it's real:

Mr. Threadgill,

My name is Virginia Smalls, and i came upon your artwork site while doing searches for "Threadgills."

I had an uncle named Gene Rayston Threadgill. He was 68 when he died in 1985.  he lived near Westbrook Tenn most of his life and had 3 kids and 7 grandkids.

I was born Virginia Threadgill in 1964, and I married Mark Smalls in 1989.  i have one child, Rebecca Janille Smalls.

Do you recall Uncle Eugene? Are you or your family related? Uncle G looked a bit like Tom hanks, but not as nice to people.  He was a fine man, but would sometimes drink and kick us and come after the animals.  Even when not drinking.

He used to say, "If you can have anything in Heaven, then you can get  your hands on unlimited firearms."

Some of my family where art-types, too.  My dad painted sometimes, pictures of farms scenes and circus folk.  My grandmom Berny was a dancer and singer, and my brother made and still makes balloon animals and such for the neighborhood kids.

Any help you or your family can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Love and hope.

Ginnia Smalls


JUNE 8, 2002

Now THIS is funny:


JUNE 5, 2002

As with most computer-related tasks, assembling this website has been akin to taking my final exam in Advanced Algebra IV.  This is probably because I never took Advanced Algebra III.  Or Algebra I.   Or Algebra.  In fact, being a typical example of a hopelessly right-brained creative type, I can barely add or subtract, much less decode the organizational mysteries of most computer programs.  So you'll forgive me if this comparatively minimal effort persuades immense self-congratulation on my part simply because the hyperlinks sometimes work correctly.  We men always strut when we lose any type of virginity.

New Art-O-Mat Site

Art-o-mat is a series of cigarette machines that have been refurbished and rejiggered to dispense cigarette pack-sized artwork, which appear in several galleries across the U.S.  My own contribution to this project is a pack of "Threadgill Shredded Art", one original Ashley Holt drawing shredded beyond recognition packaged with a toy surprise.   The example featured on is actually just a prototype, but it's a damn nice photo.  Check out this worthy forum for artistic madness.

Ash the Lefty

The black and white illustrations appearing on the Thrdgll Caricature page were drawn for an article in The Progressive magazine and will finally run in their July issue.  There were a wide assortment of personalities to choose from in that article, but I couldn't resist the lure of Strom Thurmond, that tireless defender of white supremacy who apparently hasn't let being dead for twenty years slow him down one bit.  He's got to be buried someday, though, and you can bet there will be breakdancing.

Threadgill Stays Free

A small Ashley drawing appears in the current issue of our beloved Stay Free! magazine and it looks like this:

Unfortunately, they didn't use my caricature of media critic, Mark Crispin Miller, which looked like this:

For those unfamiliar with Stay Free! and its noble fight against the excesses of corporate America, dig those cats here:

Thanks for visiting the Thrdgll Wbste.  Check back soon for more "news" and egocentric musings from my tiny mind.


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